Bonjour Online Banking & Bill Pay - Personal

Bonjour Online Banking & Bill Pay offers you the convenience of managing your finances from your home, office or any place where you can connect your personal computer to the Internet.

Bonjour Online Banking

With The Union Bank Bonjour Online Banking, we bring the bank to you. Bonjour Online Banking gives you 24-hour access to your account, all with point-and-click convenience. You can check balances and account history, transfer funds between The Union Bank accounts, stop payments, set up electronic payments and more-anytime day or night. This is as convenient as banking can possibly be.

  • Free and Easy checking accounts ... no setup fee required.
  • View up-to-date information on your Union Bank checking, savings, and loan accounts
  • View you're the Union Bank account details & daily balances
  • See images of both sides of checks you've written - even see who endorsed the check
  • Transfer money between The Union Bank accounts - avoid overdrafts with your own transfer capabilities
  • Download your account information into money management software
  • Make stop payment requests
  • Make customer service requests
  • Set balance alert notifications: Set "watchdog alerts" to be apprised when your account balance has reached either a high or low balance

Online Bill Pay

Bonjour Online Bill Pay takes the hassles out of your bill-paying chores by allowing you to handle your monthly payments via the Internet. That means stamps and envelopes are a thing of the past.

Our convenient Online Bill Pay feature lets you pay bills as you go or schedule your recurring payments to be paid automatically. With automatic payments, you need never again miss a scheduled payment because you are out of town - Online Bill Pay handles it for you.

  • All transactions are FREE of charge
  • No more late fees. Schedule your bills to be paid and leave the rest to Online Banking!
  • Ability to control payment dates up to months in advance offers peace of mind
  • Faster, simpler and less expensive than mailing payments
  • One-stop bill payment
  • No need to log in to multiple sites or have to remember multiple log ins and passwords
  • Less time-consuming & more organized
  • Payments are consolidated on one, trusted website with one set of records
  • Eliminates most trips to the post office - no more waiting in line for stamps or dashing to beat the 5 o'clock mail pick up!

Sign up for online bill pay today. It's just another way of serving you.

How to sign-up

Remember: Online Banking and Bill Pay are available only to Union Bank account holders. To open an account or to add Online Banking / Bill Pay features to your existing Union Bank account, sign up now or contact the branch nearest to you!