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Two Factor Authentication!

Bank regulatory agencies are requiring all banks to use a method hereby customer accounts are secure and cannot be accessed by outsiders without their consent -- Two Factor Authentication (TFA). Below are several questions and answers on this method:

  1. What is Two Factor Authentication (TFA)?
    • Two Factor Authentication (TFA) is the use of two different methods for verifying your identity when you logon to Premier Online Banking.
  2. Why are we using Two Factor Authentication?
    • To help us ensure the person logging into your online banking account is really you. Banking regulatory agencies have decided the TFA is needed to help increase the security of online banking.
  3. What are the methods used?
    • The first method is what you are already used to, your username and password. The second is a random question from a list of questions you have provided previously. This question will be presented under two different circumstances:
      1. You are logging on to Premier Online Banking from a new internet address, or
      2. It's been awhile since we've verified an internet address that you've used previously.
  4. When is Two Factor Authentication coming?
    • It's here now, banking regulators required that all financial institutions have this in place for their online customers BY THE END OF 2006.
  5. Do we have to use it?
    • If you perform any transactions with Premier Online Banking you will be required to use TFA, banking regulations leave us no choice in this matter.
  6. What is your Online Banking Disclosure Form?
    • Click Here to view our Online Banking Disclosure Form
    • Important information on the Disclosure form regarding TIME OF POSTING
      • All Account Transfers and Bill Payments made prior to 2:00pm Central Time are posted that afternoon and will be available for viewing online and usage the following business day - excluding holidays.
      • See our Schedule of Funds Availability section (15 and 16) on the dislosure form for more information on availabiliy.

Get account information at your convenience

Why wait for paper statements to balance your checkbook? With Personal Online Banking, you can:

  • See account details for your eligible checking, savings, CD, loan, line of credit and mortgage accounts.
  • Check account balances and payment history.
  • Transfer funds between eligible The Union Bank deposit accounts - and schedule future transfers.
  • Download account information to Personal Financial Management software, such as Microsoft® Money.
  • For Premier Online Banking Demo click Here .

    Pay bills online

    Kick the check-writing habit - and kiss envelopes, stamps and stacks of paper goodbye. With our online Bonjour Bill Pay service, you can:

    • Pay virtually anyone in the United States from your eligible checking account.
    • Schedule payments in advance - both one-time and recurring payments.
    • All Bill Payments and Account Transfers made prior to 2:00pm Central Time are posted that afternoon and will be available for viewing online and usage the following business day - excluding holidays. (See Online Banking Disclosure Form)
    • Pay multiple bills from the bill payment module.
    • See 18 months of your bill payment history (history is built up from the time you first sign on).
    • Get a great deal - no matter how many bills you pay each month, Bonjour Bill Pay service can pay them for you.

    Pay bills on time - guaranteed

    You won't have to worry about bill payments being late with our Personal Bill Pay service. When you initiate your payment five business days before the due date, you get our On Time Guarantee. To take part, just remember to:

    • Schedule the payment to initiate five business days or more before the bill's due date (not including grace period, if any).
    • Provide accurate payment instructions.
    • Make sure you have available funds in your account to cover the payment.
    • Not make a "restricted" payment, such as a court-ordered tax, securities settlement or international payment.

    Service your accounts

    No more mail, phone calls or trips to the bank to service your accounts. Instead, you can just log on to:

    • Stop a payment on a deposit account check.
    • Order/print copies of checks or paper statements.
    • Update your address.
    • Send secure online messages to The Union Bank.

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