Internet Banking - Business

Bonjour Online Banking for Businesses

Bonjour Online Banking for Businesses is a simple way to make your business more efficient - and to make life easier for you.

With The Union Bank Bonjour Online Banking, we bring the bank to you. Bonjour Online Banking gives you 24-hour access to your account, all with point-and-click convenience. You can check balances and account history, transfer funds between The Union Bank accounts, stop payments, set up electronic payments and more-anytime day or night. This is as convenient as banking can possibly be.

  • No monthly fee, only a $10.00 initial setup fee when application made
  • View up-to-date information on your Union Bank checking, savings, and loan accounts
  • View you're the Union Bank account details & daily balances
  • See images of both sides of checks you've written - even see who endorsed the check
  • Transfer money between The Union Bank accounts - avoid overdrafts with your own transfer capabilities
  • Download your account information into money management software
  • Make stop payment requests
  • Make customer service requests
  • Set balance alert notifications: Set "watchdog alerts" to be apprised when your account balance has reached either a high or low balance
  • ACH Origination capabilities .. upload an ACH file for processing or create your own file online.

Business Online Bill Pay

Business Online Bill Pay takes the hassles out of your bill-paying chores by allowing you to handle your monthly payments via the Internet. That means stamps and envelopes are a thing of the past.

Our convenient Online Bill Pay feature lets you pay bills as you go or schedule your recurring payments to be paid automatically. With automatic payments, you need never again miss a scheduled payment because you are out of town - Online Bill Pay handles it for you.

  • All transactions are FREE of charge.
  • No more late fees. Schedule your bills to be paid and leave the rest to Online Banking!
  • Ability to control payment dates up to months in advance offers peace of mind
  • Faster, simpler and less expensive than mailing payments
  • One-stop bill payment
  • No need to log in to multiple sites or have to remember multiple log ins and passwords
  • Less time-consuming & more organized
  • Payments are consolidated on one, trusted website with one set of records
  • Eliminates most trips to the post office - no more waiting in line for stamps or dashing to beat the 5 o'clock mail pick up!

Sign up for business online bill pay today. It's just another way of serving you.

More unique features of Bonjour Online Business Banking

Categorization: This feature allows you to assign categories to items in your account history. These categories can be configured to match the categories in your spreadsheet accounting software, such as Quicken. You can add, delete, or modify these categories as you want. Your changes will not affect the category lists for other customers.

Account history download: Account history can be downloaded into a Quicken or standard spreadsheet format to be imported into financial applications such as Quicken, Money, or other accounting software.

Watchdogs - Account Balance Alerts: Account Watchdogs are preset levels that provide e-mail notifications when your balance falls below or rises above a specified dollar amount. Watchdogs can also be set to notify you when a specified check clears your account. When the Online Banking system sends a watchdog email notification, it does not include any compromising account information in the e-mail message. For account security reasons, a very general warning will be given in the following form: "The balance in your Regular Savings Account fell below your specified balance of $1000." This gives you enough information to remind you of which account and the current balance level but does not provide enough information for a potential thief to use to gain access to your account. We do not break any of the rules we ask you to follow.

How to sign up for Business Bonjour Online Banking

To initiate online banking for business, the business owner should simply stop by any of our branches for a brief visit with one of our personal bankers. No appointment is necessary. Your personal bankers will assist in establishing various levels of access for individuals within your organization, and have the owner sign an application for the account. Online Banking is available to all Union Bank business account holders.

Two ways to take Bonjour Business Online Banking for a Test-Drive

  1. Sign up for a demo account.
    Simply create a Temporary Visitor Account and you will be able to use all the features of the live system. Get a feel for Online Banking and free Bill Pay at your convenience via your own computer.
  2. Stop by for a free demonstration.
    If you've yet to experience Online Banking and its capabilities, you're invited to stop by for an assisted demonstration at any of our branches. Just drop by and we'll show you just how easy it can be.