Mobile Deposit   -  Available Now!

We know YOU'RE BUSY - why not SAVE a TRIP to the BANK?

Save time and gas by easily depositing your checks wherever you may be. Now you can make a quick and secure deposit of your checks with our Mobile Banking App. You can even check your balance, find ATMs, pay bills and transfer funds. 

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Now connect your Smartphone or another mobile device to your account...
By searching The Union Bank, you can find the Mobile Banking App at any of these reputable sources.
* Mobile Deposit is only available for Consumers on Android or iOS devices.

Making a deposit with our Mobile Banking App is quick and secure. From Deposit, you can deposit your paper checks. To deposit a check… begin by endorsing the check you will be depositing. Then, when ready, select Deposit Check, choose the account to make your deposit and enter the amount. Now, take a photo of the front of the check - Photograph the check against a background that gives you a strong contrast. Also, ensure the whole check is visible, in focus, and well lit. If it’s clear, accept it. Repeat this process for the back of the check. Once both images have been captured… continue. Review your deposit and if correct… confirm it. That’s it! You can check the status of your deposit at any time. Statuses include; pending... failed... and those that have been accepted. When depositing checks using your smartphone… you MUST write out the phrase "For Mobile Deposit Only", below the signature line within the endorsement area. 

See how Mobile Deposit works -  Click Here

Interested in signing up for Mobile Deposit?

Simply fill out this request form below, print and sign. You may fax, mail or bring this form to any Union Bank location to complete the process and You're Done!

 Click Here - Mobile Deposit Application (pdf)



Mobile Capture Available Now!

 It’s the faster, easier solution to pay your bills without the hassle of filling out your information manually.

Information from the bill is automatically and securely entered and ready to use for current and future payments. It’s that easy.

Pay your bills in just three steps: 


Log in to your Mobile
Banking App

2. boomer camera
Take a picture
of your bill
3. boomer-phone
You’re ready to pay!

EMV Chip Card

EMV Chip Cards

A safer way to pay!

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Herman's Club™

Savings Account just for kids.

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