Mobile Banking

Banking online with us is Secure, Fast and Easy.

Mobile Banking simple, yet powerful, tools for staying connected to your accounts - wherever you go. Want to check a balance? Just tap to see it instantly, or if your device supports fingerprint authentication, you can log in just by using a saved fingerprint. Then you are ready to quickly glance over your balances, review transactions and if you'd like to make a transfer, just tell us how much! Need to pay a bill? It only takes a few seconds. Want to know if your balance drops below a certain amount? Or when a debit transaction is posted to your account? With our secure real-time alerts, you will know the moment it happens... even while traveling. And if your phone is ever lost or stolen, all of these powerful tools are safely locked behind strong multi-layer security. There has never been a better time to get started. Just search for us on your phone’s App store. It's simple yet powerful account management for your finances. Wherever you are - whenever you need it!

To get started...

Enroll in Online Banking as a way to view your Union Bank account(s) online. Complete the enrollment process by clicking on ENROLL NOW and creating an authentic ACCESS ID and PASSWORD. Once online account information is accessed, you are ready to download the Online Banking app.

Now connect your Smartphone or another mobile device to your account...

By searching The Union Bank, you can find the Mobile Banking app at any of these reputable sources:

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Once the Mobile App is downloaded, online banking information will be needed to gain access to your account information. You will have to provide your ACCESS ID, password, and answer security questions. After this initial setup is complete, your Smartphone will be registered in our system and will only prompt you to enter the password for any future login attempts.


Fingerprint Authentication

If you are logging in from a device that supports fingerprint authentication and have enabled it in your device settings, you have the option of logging in using a saved fingerprint. From the More option - just locate the fingerprint settings and turn it on. That's it! All saved fingerprints on your device can now be used for logging in. So the next time you are asked to enter your password, simply touch the home button on your phone to securely log in. To ensure high levels of security, if you log in using a saved fingerprint, we may ask for your password prior to completing certain types of transactions.



Instant Balance

Ever wish you could check an account balance without having to log in? Turn on Instant Balances and Saved Users can simply tap the icon on their Password screen to securely check their balances. If it's not enabled yet, just tap the icon and it will display the preview screen. To enable it, just tap the login button and continue logging in as usual. Once logged in you will go right to the instant balance setup. You can turn it on and select which accounts you'd like to preview. There... You're ready to go! Next time you want to check a balance simply tap the Instant Balance icon on your password screen. How's that for convenience?! You can now manage your instant balance settings as well as which accounts are displayed under “More”. Then select the Instant Balance option to make your changes.


Transferring money between your accounts is easy and transfers can be made at any time. From the Transfers option simply select the accounts and enter the amount you'd like to transfer. Review your information - and if correct, Confirm. That's it! You'll see your updated balance along with a confirmation number verifying your transfer is complete. From here, you can view your accounts or make another internal transfer. With Transfers, moving your money when... and where you need it... has never been more convenient!

Bill Pay

With our Mobile Bank App, managing your bills has never been easier - and you can make payments from almost anywhere. From Payments, you have the choice of paying any biller you've previously set up - from our full desktop site or by sending money through our personal payment service. To pay a biller... just select a biller from your list. If they offer eBills then you'll see the eBills icon next to their name. Just tell us how much to pay. It's just that simple! To pay a bill… just enter the amount - and if you'd like, change the date. It’s just that simple! Your payment will be scheduled for the selected date and added to your scheduled payments. From here, you can return to your accounts or make another payment.


Mobile Alerts

With our Mobile Alerts, monitoring your account activity is easy! Let’s say you'd like to know when the balance in your checking account is getting low. Just enter the amount you would like to monitor and if your balance ever drops below that amount, we will notify you. How simple is that?!
To activate your Mobile Alerts, first select More, then Alerts and then turn on Push Notifications. Once turned on... you can add Account Alerts... which monitors your account activity. You can also add Security Alerts... which monitors changes in your address, changes to your password or if your account has been locked out. This can happen if someone tries logging into your account(s) too many times in a short period of time. From this, you can also view your Alert History.
Adding Alerts is simple. To add an account Alert... just select an account... add a new Alert... select the type of alert and if asked, enter the amount to monitor. How simple is that?!  Alerts are a simple yet powerful way to stay connected to your account information. With Alerts, you can track as much... or as little... as you choose!

See how Mobile Banking works -

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The Union Bank provides Mobile Banking Service free of charge to our customers, Consumers Only. However, there may be charges associated with text messaging and data usage on your mobile device. Check with your wireless phone carrier for more information.

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