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Cash Flow Management

Are you looking for better ways to manage your company's cash flow? You just found them.

The Union Bank can provide your business with a full arsenal of cash management tools. From cash concentration, payroll solutions, nightly sweeps, to credit card services and free Online Banking, The Union Bank can help you run a more efficient, more profitable business.

Cash Concentration and Investment Options

Improve your company's bottom line by putting your working capital to work for you gaining interest, even if only overnight.

Credit Cards and Merchant Services

The use of Credit Cards - as well as accepting them at your business - can relieve the worry of cash flow problems.

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Learn more about Credit Cards for Businesses.


Discover how to set up your Business to accept Credit Cards.

EMV Chip Card

EMV Chip Cards

A safer way to pay!

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Herman's Club™

Savings Account just for kids.

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