Business Online Bill Pay

A better way to receive and pay your bills and only $5 per month.

This year, put all your bills in one place

It's time to get organized, and we're here to help. When you receive and pay your bills with The Union Bank's Online Bill Pay, you can see when they're due and control when they're paid. One website, one password. Now that's organized.

With The Union Bank Premier Online Banking, we bring the bank to you. Premier Online Banking gives you 24-hour access to your account, all with point-and-click convenience. You can check balances and account history, transfer funds between The Union Bank accounts, stop payments, set up electronic payments and more – anytime, day or night. This is as convenient as banking can possibly be.

With The Union Bank's Business Online Bill Pay, you get:

Organization - Manage your bills and payments from one convenient location
Control - Pay what you'd like, when you like, unlike auto-debit
Convenience - Pay anyone who you normally pay by check
CheckFree Bill Pay takes the hassles out of your bill-paying chores by allowing you to handle your monthly payments via the Internet. That means stamps and envelopes are a thing of the past.

Our convenient CheckFree Bill Pay service lets you pay bills as you go or schedule your recurring payments to be paid automatically. With automatic payments, you need never again miss a scheduled payment because you are out of town – CheckFree handles it for you.

You Can:

Sign up for CheckFree Bill Pay today. It’s just another way that YOU and The Union Bank are better together.

How to sign-up

Remember – Premier Online Banking and CheckFree Bill Pay are only available to The Union Bank account holders. To open an online account or to enable Premier Online Banking/CheckFree Bill Pay features to your existing Union Bank account, SIGN UP NOW or LOG IN or contact the BRANCH NEAREST YOU for assistance.


To sign up for eBill, click on the GET BILL icon next to the biller name.
Enter the requested account information from your paper bill and click "Submit."

Already Enrolled?

It’s easy to start paying all your bills today.

See how Online Bill Pay works - 

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Consumer Bill Pay is free and Bill Pay for Business customers is $5 per month upon enrollment of Bill Pay. If you wish to cease enrollment, contact the Computer Room located at our Main Office @ (318-253-4531) for disenrollment.

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