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Member of Community Financial Insurance Center, LLC

In the summer of 2004, Community Financial Insurance Center, LLC, a Louisiana-based insurance agency owned by 48 community banks located throughout the state, was organized upon the concept of pooling their funds to acquire insurance agencies for the purpose of providing insurance products to their community bank customers. Troy & Nichols Insurance Agency, Inc. d/b/a Troy & Montgomery Insurance, one of the largest independent insurance agencies in north Louisiana and having a 100 year history, was the first acquisition of Community Financial Insurance Center, LLC, in January 2005.

We're sure you'll be happy to know that The Union Bank and the members of the Troy & Montgomery management team have remained to assume leadership roles with Community Financial Insurance Center. Not only will this provide for a seamless transition, but now, with our expanded network of resources we will be able to provide even better service to you! Many people associate the need for insurance with confusion and unpleasant events such as fires, accidents and robberies. Our job at Community Financial Insurance Center, LLC is to make sure everyone understands the value of being insured and the unique capabilities of our agency.

Insurance is a service, and you cannot judge the quality of that service until it is provided to the customer. We are asking people to pay for something they hope that they'll never have to use. Of course, they want services to be faster, better and economical, but they don't always appreciate all the things that need to be considered - until they've suffered a loss.

Insurance is the art of the possible. We make things happen for our customers, and each day brings new opportunities to help them realize their expectations.

"Ask Us!"- about your insurance. We look forward to helping you.

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